My passion for creative expression comes from the incredible diversity of landscapes on Earth. Where we begin and where we die is with the Earth. There is a profound beauty in the realisation that the atoms we are made of were forged in the heart of stars, and I think this connection to the space and time around us is incredibly powerful, and an incredibly human experience.



Staff Photographer Citizen Magazine (Launched 2019) -

“Citizen Magazine is a new, quarterly magazine, which reflects the principles and mission of the London School of Architecture - to allow people living in cities to have more fulfilled and sustainable lives.

The magazine is put together by a team of highly-experienced and award-winning editors, journalists and designers with contributions from leaders at the forefront of policy, finance, development, architecture, urbanism and academia as well from students and staff from the LSA.”

Portrait Photographer Ethan K (2014 - Present) -

I have worked around the world for Ethan, producing striking portraiture for himself and his clients. This has involved photographing manufacturing in Singapore, to the skilled artisans of Italy where the bags are produced. Works photographed for Ethan have been published with Harrods, Tatler Hong Kong, South China Morning Post, Town & Country etc.


Book Project (Co-Writer & Photographer) Seoul South Korea, September - October 2019

French Interiors Part II France, August - September 2019

Commissions for Citizen Magazine London, May -June 2019

Forests of Normandy France, April 2019

Cumbria & Northumberland UK, Feb 2019

French Interiors Part I France, June-July 2018

Ethan K (Musee d'Orsay, The Ritz, The Ledoyen) France, Sept 2017

Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc: Ethan K South of France, Aug 2017

Singapore: Ethan K Singapore, February 2017

Florence: Ethan K Italy, December 2016

Photokina 2016 Germany, Work on display with Hahnemuehle

The Photography Show 2016 NEC, UK, Work on display with Hahnemuehle UK

Italian Cityscapes Milan, July 2015

Spring in the Middle East Dubai & Abu Dhabi, April 2015

Pintora Fine Art Exhibition London, 16th - 23rd March 2015

New World Architecture and the Middle East Dubai, Abu Dhabi & the Mountains of Oman, February & March 2015

The Himalayas & Mount Everest Nepal, August 2011